Genesis Business Model


  • Lesson #1: Day 1- Let There Be Light (Vision)
  • Lesson #2: Day 2- Authority Structure – Org Charts
  • Lesson #3: Day 3-Work & Land
  • Lesson #4: Day 4- Short Term Cash Flow & Long Term Streams of Income
  • Lesson #5: Day 5- Leadership & Management Structures
  • Lesson #6: Day 6 (Part 1)- Rods vs Net Fishing
  • Lesson #7: Day 6 (Part 2)- Sales Philosophy, Process, etc
  • Lesson: #8: Day 6 (Part 3)- What The Animals Teach Us About Picking Our Teams

One day I asked God about His enterprise we call Planet Earth. Each day He did something specific with the end result that this enterprise we all live on, is self-sustaining, self-replicating and flourishes without any help from man.

I wanted to understand the logos (logic) behind the way He built this place. I thought it would be a phenomenal business model. My favorite part is Day 7 when He rested, because the systems were in place!